FAQs About Hot Melt Adhesive Systems

Trying to figure out the right hot melt adhesive system for your needs? Have questions you need to be answered? Here are some common questions asked about our industry and products:

What are hot melt adhesives?

Hot melt adhesive, sometimes referred to as “hot glue,” is a thermoplastic material that is solid in normal conditions yet moldable under heat. In industrial settings, they are popular adhesive choice for product assembly because they can bond materials together quickly. Want to learn more about hot melt adhesives? Read our article, “What Are Hot Melt Adhesives?”

What is a hot melt glue system?

A hot melt glue system is used to dispense thermoplastic adhesive for use in a variety of product assembly industries, including the manufacturing of mattress, carpeting, cars, cardboard boxes, textiles, and more. Want to learn more about hot melt glue systems? Read our article, “What is a Hot Melt Glue System?”

Do I need a manual or automated adhesive spray system?

Trying to decide if your business needs a manual or automated spray system? There are several things to consider. How big is your operation? What is your budget? What kind of demands are you dealing with? Learn more in our article, “Do I Need a Manual or Automated Adhesive Spray System?

Can I customize my hot melt adhesive system?

At Sure Tack Systems, we offer a range of hot melt adhesive systems, including extrusion, slot coating, and wide web spray All of these can be partially or fully automated to help meet the assembly line needs of any operation. Learn more in our article, “Can I Customize My Hot Melt Adhesive System?

What is a slot coating applicator and how does it work?

A slot coating applicator offers a fast and efficient application of adhesives to anything from mattresses to cardboard packaging to cars. Learn more about sloat coating applicators in our article, “What is a Slot Coating Applicator and How Does It Work?

Why should I use an in-line spray handgun for hot melt adhesives?

An in-line spray handgun connects to an overhead mount, which can be adjusted to suit your requirements. This type of hot melt handgun has many advantages, which you can learn more about in our article, “Why Should I Use An In-Line Spray Handgun For Hot Melt Adhesives?

Why do I have to change the seals on my hot melt glue equipment?

Hot melt adhesive equipment, like seals, needs regular maintenance to keep them running longer and more cost effectively. Learn more about seal maintenance in our article, “Why Do I Have To Change The Seals On My Hot Melt Glue Equipment?

Why water-based adhesives are a thing of the past?

There are four types of water-based adhesives: animal or protein glues, resin cements, latex cements, and vegetable glues. Water-based glues have a long history, but for industrial use, their popularity is declining as hot melt glues grow in popularity. Learn more in our article, “Why Water Based Adhesives are a Thing of The Past?

How bad are solvent-based adhesives for the environment?”

Despite the versatility of solvent-based adhesives is that they can adversely affect the ecosystem and human health in numerous ways. Learn more in our article, “How Bad Are Solvent-Based Adhesives for The Environment?

Why is it important to have a flow adjustment lockout for your hot melt system?

If you’ve been researching adhesive application systems, you’ve probably come across the term “flow adjustment lockout”, but perhaps you’re unsure what it refers to. Learn more about these mechanisms in our article, “Why is it Important to Have a Flow Adjustment Lockout for your Hot Melt System?

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