Streamline Supply Chain with Hot Melt Adhesive

In today’s crowded market coupled with high consumer demand, speed is everything when it comes to order fulfillment. The more a company can shorten the time between when a customer orders their product and when the customer receives it, the more competitive that company will be. Depending on the size of your own company, you might find it more difficult to compete when space and budget limitations require you to manufacture products on demand. In situations like these, using hot melt adhesive systems for product assembly can greatly streamline your supply chain, helping you stay toe to toe even with your larger competitors.

Challenges with Smaller-Scale Manufacturing

For many companies, the problem with their supply chain boils down to a cascading set of events that essentially “clogs up the works” can cause a backlog. To illustrate, consider the following scenario:

Suppose your startup company makes and sells affordable modular furniture targeted to college-age and young adult buyers. Due to a combination of budget constraints, space limitations and a desire to manufacture your products here in the U.S., you opt for an on-demand manufacturing model. Suppose your launch goes quite well and you get a large number of orders at once. Now you have a problem: Your water-based adhesives take at least a day to cure, and you don’t have the storage space for more than a few pieces at a time. Suddenly, you’re faced with having to tell half your customers that their products will be delayed—and since they’re sitting on the floor of their empty apartments waiting for their furniture, they’re not likely to be pleased. They cancel their order and go to your competitor, who guarantees delivery in two days.

Hot Melt Adhesives Provide the Solution

What could have prevented the backlog in your supply chain as described above? Simple: Shorten the drying time of your adhesives. This is where hot melt adhesives can help.

Unlike water-based adhesives which take a day or longer to dry, hot melt adhesives cure within minutes — and they are every bit as strong and durable as their water-based alternatives. By installing a high-quality, well-designed hot melt system, you can greatly shorten the amount of time it takes to make your products, and depending on what you’re manufacturing, you may be able to fulfill orders within hours, rather than days. As you might imagine, this streamlined approach typically results in much greater customer satisfaction and customer loyalty.

If space and workflow limitations are hindering your ability to compete in a high-demand market, it might be time to streamline your supply chain with a hot melt adhesive system. Sure Tack Systems can help you configure a system perfect for your manufacturing needs, and we provide stellar customer support, technical support and training to ensure that you’re getting the most benefit from your system. To learn more, call us today at 800-580-2803.