Choosing an Industrial Hot Melt Gluer

In the manufacturing and product assembly sector, a high-speed hot melt adhesive system can help you meet large quotas at modest costs while maintaining quality control. However, hot melt systems can be configured in many different ways for a range of applications, and there are many components from which to choose. How do you determine which hot melt application system is right for your gluing needs? We’ve assembled a helpful guide to hot melt adhesive products which is worth your consideration. For now, though, here are some key factors to consider when choosing a heavy duty, industrial hot melt gluer.

Hot Melt Glue Applicators: Automatic vs Manual

One of the primary considerations with selecting hot melt equipment is whether you need automatic or manual applicators, or a combination of the two. For product assembly applications where bead and lines must be placed at precise measurements and quantities, an automatic applicator will likely be best. However, for more detailed or hand-crafted products, you may want the additional control of a manual applicator in your hand, which is similar to a hot melt glue gun. Depending on your products and assembly workflow, you may opt to use automatic applicators at certain stages and manual applicators for finishing work.

Hot Melt Adhesive Application Options: Extrusion, Spray or Slot Coating

Another factor to consider is the method of application of the hot melt for manufacturing your product — by extrusion, spray, slot coating or a combination of these. Multi-module applications are available that can switch between these, or you have separate nozzles/applicators for each method. Extrusion and spray can be applied by either automatic or manual applicators. Manual applicators are like industrial hot melt glue guns, but for the precision required with slot coating, you’ll likely need an automatic system.

Hot Melt Adhesive Supply Units

Once you’ve determined the applicators and application methods you’ll be using for gluing, you need to decide on a supply unit for your hot melt glue system. This is the melt tank that warms the glue at high temperatures and dispenses the hot melt adhesive for application. Supply units come in a variety of storage capacities with digital controls that regulate temperature and output flow. Some supply units can also accommodate multiple hoses and applicators.

Hot Melt Adhesive Hoses and Accessories

Finally, you’ll need to make decisions regarding hoses and add-ons for your industrial hot melt gluer. Hoses generally offer numerous temperature control options and come in lengths ranging between 3 and 20 feet—and depending on the size of your operation, you’ll probably need to select a variety. At this point, you can also decide on accessories like operator panel lockouts (so supervisors can regulate temperature and output); bracketry options for mounting and suspending hoses and applicators; and even foot pedals so operators can control the flow of adhesive more easily.

Sure Tack Systems provides a wide range of options for industrial hot melt gluer systems, and we can help you customize a configuration ideal for your manufacturing and assembly needs. To learn more about your options, call us today at 770-926-3419.