What to Look for in Automated Hot Melt Adhesive Dispensing Systems

Automatic adhesive application systems are extremely popular with producers in all fields, thanks to the versatility with which they operate and the impressive levels of customization possible. If you’re seeking an automated adhesive solution for your manufacturing facility, keep an eye out for the following features:

Simplicity in your supply units

Supply units provide the lifeblood of your adhesive system – the adhesive itself. These serve the dual purpose of being holding tanks for various forms of adhesives, and providing the heat necessary to melt them before being pumped through the system. As such, it’s critical that they be designed in a straightforward, intuitive method so that any potential issues down the line can be serviced quickly and effectively. Self-diagnostic temperature readouts are a must.

STS50, STS100 & STS200 Hot Melt Tanks

2300 Series Supply Units

Design Expandability/Upgrade Ability

Few manufacturers deal with only a sole product, never expanding to take on new projects. The ability to handle multiple product sizes and shapes on the same line is critical to production up-time – so why buy equipment that can’t be easily rearranged, added to (or removed and replaced)? Sure Tack Systems provides systems with automatic width and length detection so a variety of produces can be put through the same system without the need to reconfigure the glue equipment.

Glue pressure gauge assembly

Glue Manifold Pressure Gauges provide accurate flow rate readouts at a glance, ensuring that glue flow remains uniform for all items produced – and making it simple for supervisors to adjust as needed. Knowing that the pressure has dipped means easier diagnosing and repairing of the problem.

Flow valve adjustment lockout

Flow Valve Lock-Outs for adhesive systems serve to regulate the rate of glue flow, preventing flow level adjustment without the intervention of a dedicated supervisor or other controller. These are a staple of the large-scale production facility, and help reduce costs by keeping adhesive flow at ideal rates – not wasteful, and insures product integrity.

Operator Panel Lock-Out

Having the right application temperatures for your adhesive formula is a must. These operating temperatures are fined tuned to the customers specific application. Locking out operators from changing these temperatures not only ensures the products integrity and quality, but also helps with degradation of the adhesive which can happen if temperatures are too hot. Keeping appropriate operating temperatures for your adhesive also helps to protect the hot melt equipment from undue ware and tear.

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