Top 5 Woodworking Hot Melt Adhesives

In the world of woodworking, hot melt adhesives are essential items, whether you are manufacturing furniture or you’re creating craft projects at home. This is because it’s ideal for bonding substrates while hardware fasteners are applied. It can also be used for soft and post-forming and for applying aesthetic designs. Here is a rundown on five of the best hot melt adhesives for woodworking.

Hot Melt Adhesives for Woodworking

    1. Ad Tech 962

This versatile glue is available in bulk pellets or glue sticks. As well as wood it works on glass, metal, and cardboard.

    1. Power Adhesive 7718

This polyamide hot melt is specially formulated for use in woodworking. Its features include low viscosity and toughness. It’s also available in a range of colors. 

    1. Surebonder 739

If you are looking for high-strength glue sticks, these are the ones. Their adhesion is so strong they are often used in other industries, one of which is making paintless auto body dent repair. Surebonder 739 can bond glass and metal as well as wood. It has 25 second open time, giving you time to make adjustments.

    1. Titebond

This is a favorite for wood-to-composite as well as wood-to-wood bonding. It’s also great for gap filling. This adhesive is waterproof and can be used for indoors or outdoors. WW30 and WW60 have 30 and 60 second set times.

    1. Power Adhesive Tech Bond 23

This is a medium viscosity adhesive and is perfect for both hard and soft kinds of wood as well as plastics.

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