What Glue Systems Work Best For Automotive Assembly?

These days, automotive manufacturers are using adhesives in the manufacturing process more than ever before; Modern vehicles generally contain around 40 pounds of adhesive. When it comes to dispensing hot melt adhesive, manufacturers have a wide range of choices.

Sure Tack Systems (STS) have developed manual extrusion and spray applicators that are suitable for all aspects of automotive manufacturing including:

  • Interior upholsteryAdhesives For Automobile Assembly
  • Floors and floor mats
  • Insulation
  • Headliners
  • Batteries
  • Miscellaneous manufactured components

Both manual extrusion and spray applicators can easily be combined with the STS 2400 Series supply units for small component manufacturing. This solution provides precise application of hot melt adhesives.

STS bridge systems consisting of the 2300 Series supply units and HA2 Series spray applicators have been designed as environmentally-friendly options for coating large volumes of insulation and upholstery while simultaneously increasing the efficiency of production and reducing manufacturing costs.

STS are well aware that the multiple types of hot melt transportation applications vary significantly. To meet these needs, STS experts have designed systems for each application in mind, providing user-friendly hot melt systems that will increase production efficiency and quality.

Whether you need wide web spray, high-speed extrusion, slot coating or a manual product assembly Sure Tack Systems has a hot melt system to suit your unique needs. We have been providing hot melt adhesive equipment since 1980 and our extensive product line is second to none. Contact us today to find out how we can help you with your hot melt adhesive needs.