How Hot Melts Continue to Change the Packaging Industry

Hot melt systemsPackaging have revolutionized the packaging industry in many ways, mainly due to recent improvements in hot-melt equipment technology. One of the most obvious weaknesses in traditional hot melt systems was the use of a heated tank. In more up-to-date system, the heated tank has been eliminated and replaced by tank-free systems, which rely on vacuums to draw glue pellets into heating chambers. This process improves performance and permits faster heating times.

Another advancement that is revolutionizing the packaging industry is the use of intuitive interfaces, which enable operators to track material usage over time. This means that as a packaging manager, you can find out exactly how much hot melt adhesive has been used over a product run, a single shift, or a specific amount of time.

Advances in hot melt technology have produced a number of specific benefits for the packaging industry, including:

  • Reduced downtime: There’s no longer any need for lengthy heating time. Plugging and charring is also eliminated with the new technologies. 
  • Reduced material costs: Because of the increased range of adhesive options and more efficient hot-melt, the packaging industry can lower its material cost.
  • Improved operator experience: A tank-free system means that operators don’t have to feed the pellets into the machine by hand. There is also no longer a need for tank scraping, thus the risk of burns and other injuries is greatly reduced. 
  • Improved information management: Because of intuitive interface technology, information relating to performance issues and material usage is easily accessible. Monitoring these factors can improve overall efficiency significantly.

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