Hot Melt Glue Equipment Everyone Should Have

Whatever industry you are in, whether it’s packaging, auto assembly, mattress manufacture, furniture manufacture, product assembly, or construction, there are certain pieces of hot melt adhesive equipment that you should have. Here’s a rundown on some of the most essential items.

Supply Units

Supply units are pieces of electrical equipment that melt and deliver the hot melt adhesive to where you need it. There are a number of different systems, such as STS supply units. They have options for delivering glue to manual or automatic spray as well as slot coating and extrusion applicators. Supply units also have different size melt tanks that are available with 12, 25, 37, 50, 100 and 200 lb. capacities. These days, the most efficient delivery systems have easy to operate controls with built-in safety features.


You can choose from automatic or manually triggered applicators to suit your needs. Automatic extrusion applicators are available with one or multiple extrusion modules. They also have a range of nozzles with standard or custom configurations. Similarly, spray and slot coating applicators can be configured to suit your specific applications.

Hoses and Accessories

Flow Valve Adjustment Lockout

Flow Valve Adjustment Lockout

The best quality hoses, whether for in-line handguns or automatic applications, should be precision wound and calibrated for uniform temperature control. Other important accessories include:

Operator panel lockout: allowing maintenance supervisors to set temperatures and preventing operators from adjusting them without supervision.

Flow valve adjustment lockout: allowing maintenance supervisors to set adhesive flow and preventing operators from adjusting them without supervision.

Glue pressure gauge assembly: allowing fine-tuning of adhesive pressure/flow.

Flow valve heater: allowing for higher melt rates or increased temperature for high melt point adhesives.

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