Wide Web Spray Hot Melt Adhesive Systems VS Water Based

When it comes to using adhesives, there are always options. For many years, water-based adhesives were commonly used for a number of applications. However, advances in technology have helped to make wide web spray hot melt adhesive systems more prevalent. Both have their advantages and their drawbacks, so what option is best for you? Let’s take a closer look at each option.

Wide Web Spray Hot Melt Adhesive System

Hot melt adhesive spray systems have quickly gained popularity because of how efficient they are when working with a large amount of adhesive. On large-scale assembly lines, they can apply a large volume of adhesive on a particular area quite quickly, helping to keep the line moving. These systems can also be automated to help improve both the efficiency and the consistency of the adhesive application.

A number of industries have adopted the wide web spray system with great success. The automotive and woodworking industries use a spray system almost exclusively. However, manufacturing and packaging companies also use it because of how strong and quick the adhesive bonds, not to mention the overall efficiency along the assembly line.

Water-Based Adhesives

Water-based Adhesives are not quite as popular as they used to be, but they can still be reliable in certain situations. For instance, this type of adhesive is solvent free, making it safe to use in places that may not be well ventilated. Water adhesives can also be applied in a number of ways, including roller coating, immersion, and spraying. Perhaps equally important, water-based adhesives are typically more cost effective than other types of adhesives. They can also be easier to clean.

Industries that work with paper, foam, plastic, fabrics, and wood may find it beneficial to work with water-based adhesives. This type of adhesive usually forms a strong bond and has proven to be quite flexible. Water adhesives have also been shown to be resistant to both heat and chemicals, which has its advantages depending on the specific application.

Ultimately, choosing between a spray hot melt adhesive system and a water-based adhesive will come down to the specific need. Most packaging, automotive, and manufacturing operations will likely be best served using a wide web spray system. However, companies that work exclusively with fabric, plastic, or paper may be better off using water-based adhesives to get the job done.

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