Hot Melt Roll Coater vs Hot Melt Spray Systems

When it comes to hot melt adhesives, technological advances have created a number of viable application methods. Two of the more prominent methods are roll coaters and wide web spray systems. Both methods have their advantages depending on the task at hand. Let’s take a closer look at each application method.

Roll Coater

Roll coaters are adept at the uniform application of an adhesive. They are designed to evenly coat a substance from edge to edge without regard to the shape of the object. This type of coating is usually able to adapt to meet precise specifications depending on the temperature of the adhesive, the speed at which the material is moving through the coater, and even the material itself. It’s most common to use a roll coater for applying an adhesive when working with paper, plastic, metal, and wood.

There is also a large selection of roll coaters to choose based on your specific needs. You may need to consider the type of adhesive you want to use, the thickness and width of the material you’re using, and the amount of adhesive you need to apply when selecting the right roll coater. In a way, this enables you to find the perfect machine. However, it also makes it difficult to move seamlessly back and forth between different projects if the width and thickness of the substrates changes.

Spray Systems

Wide web spray systems, whether fully or partially automated, are now common on assembly lines that require large amounts of adhesive to be applied to products. They are designed to spray a specific amount of adhesive over a given area. This helps to avoid wasting expensive adhesive while also saving time. On the other hand, a roll coater will always leave some of the adhesive on the surface of the roller. Spray systems are also helpful in keeping the line moving and improving overall productivity.

While spray systems can be compatible with just about any adhesive or product, they have caught on with the manufacturing, furniture, and automotive industries specifically because they ensure high levels of productivity even when large volumes of adhesive are needed. Even if it lacks the precision of roll coaters, there are great benefits of using wide web spray systems in the right setting.

As is usually the case with hot melt adhesives, choosing between roll coaters and a spray system depends on the specific task. Roll coaters can offer more versatility and precision than most spray systems. However, spray systems are easy to automate and customize for large-scale operations.

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